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German environmental group slams 'Diesel Summit' plans

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Published: 18 August 2017 Friday, 10:25  AM

German environmental group slams 'Diesel Summit' plans


Bonn, 18 August ( Plans announced at this month`s "Diesel Summit" in Berlin between the car industry and government to clean up diesel cars will not improve air quality, according to an environmental group that has tried to have diesel cars banned from city centres.


Faced with a backlash over revelations it cheated on emissions tests and worsening air-quality readings in German cities, the car industry announced plans to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles via a software fix and offered cash incentives to replace older cars.


The group, Deutsche Umwelthilfe (German Environmental Aid Association), claimed that the plans announced at the summit would not reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions at all in winter, and in summer by less than 5 per cent.


Another problem is that the trade-in offered by carmakers was intended to replace older diesel vehicles with new ones, instead of natural gas or electricity-powered vehicles, Deutsche Umwelthilfe head Juergen Resch said in Berlin on Tuesday.


The car industry agreed at the Diesel Summit at the beginning of August to immediately upgrade the software of 2.8 million newer diesel cars to reduce their emissions. Environmental groups had pressed for more expensive hardware upgrades.


Volkswagen has already recalled 2.5 million cars to upgrade them.


Carmakers have also agreed to offer trade-in cash bonuses in the thousands of euros for people with older diesel cars, the size of the trade-in depending on the model.


Instead of banning diesel cars from city centres, the industry suggested improving traffic flow to improve air quality.