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Lenin statue returns to Berlin museum

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Published: 18 August 2017 Friday, 10:22  AM

Lenin statue returns to Berlin museum

Bonn, 18 August (deutschenews24.de/dpa)- A statue of the Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin that had been in the Swiss city of Zurich on loan has returned to the German History Museum in Berlin.


The statue, which had stood for decades in the central German city of Eisleben, had been at an exhibition to mark the centenary of the Russian Communist revolution in 1917 at the Swiss National Museum, the German History Museum said on Tuesday.


The 3.2-metre tall, 2.9-ton bronze figure was part of the "1917. Revolution. Russia and Europe" exhibition which the two museums cooperated on.


Lenin travelled secretly in a German train from exile in Switzerland to Russia in 1917 to lead the revolution there.


The statue was looted by the German army and brought back to Eisleben in 1943, during World War II. It was erected in the city in what would be part of the Soviet-occupied zone after the war even before the Red Army arrived.


It has stood in the foyer of the German History Museum in the former armoury building on the Unter den Linden boulevard in the centre of Berlin since 1991.