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Almost half of Germans see 'fake news' as threat to democracy

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Published: 12 August 2017 Saturday, 06:25  AM

Almost half of Germans see 'fake news' as threat to democracy


Bonn, 12 August ( Almost half of adult Germans see so-called "fake news" as a serious threat to democracy, but more than half do not think that falsified news reports are anything new.


The views of 2,000 people aged over 18 were gathered by pollsters YouGov via online surveys at the end of May and released on Thursday.


Fake news is deliberate misinformation spread via traditional news media and social networking sites that aims to grab attention and sway public opinion.


A total of 48 per cent of people asked see fake news as a threat, while 54 per cent said there has always been fake news.


Meanwhile, 38 per cent believe it is very likely that fake news will play a great role in Germany`s ongoing election campaign.


General elections will be held in Germany on September 24.


The survey revealed that Germans are rather sceptical about the media`s ability to keep them reliably informed about the election campaign.


Only 35 per cent feel "correctly and comprehensively informed about political events in Germany" by the media. Only 28 per cent said they trusted state-owned public media, a much lower figure than for the police or the German Constitutional Court, the country`s top court.


The percentage of people who trusted private media organizations was much lower, at 11 per cent.