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German deportations to Afghanistan remain limited

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Published: 11 August 2017 Friday, 07:10  AM

German deportations to Afghanistan remain limited


Bonn, 11 August ( The German government is maintaining a policy that limits the number of deportations to Afghanistan for the time being, as repeated attacks and a growing insurgency continue to destabilize the security situation in the country.


Afghan nationals who commit a crime or are flagged as a potential terrorist threat by authorities continue to be sent back, as well as individuals who "persistently [refuse] to cooperate on identity verification," a spokesman at the Foreign Office in Berlin said Wednesday.


Other deportations of Afghan migrants have been halted in the wake of a deadly bombing at Kabul`s diplomatic district in May that killed approximately 150 people and severely damaged the German embassy.


A preliminary report assessing the security situation in Afghanistan found a suspension on most deportations to be the right course, the spokesman said.


Deportations to Afghanistan have come under fire in Germany from opposition parties and rights groups who argue that much of the country is not safe for return.


Afghanistan is facing a widespread Taliban and Islamic State insurgency in which around 2,500 security forces were killed in the first four months of 2017 alone, according to a recent US government report.