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EU poll shows approval for the bloc on the rise

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Published: 03 March 2017 Friday, 09:20  AM

EU poll shows approval for the bloc on the rise


Bonn, 03 March (deutschenews24.de/dpa)- Approval for the European Union has risen slightly among its citizens over the past year, despite the atmosphere of crisis that has descended over the bloc, according to the results of a poll released by the EU`s representative in Berlin on Thursday.

According to the poll, 35 per cent of EU citizens see the 28-member EU in a positive light, up 1 percentage point since May last year. The bloc is particularly popular among young people, with 42 per cent of those under 25 years of age taking a positive view.

Those taking a negative view of the EU, which is soon to be reduced to 27 members following the Brexit vote, came in at 25 per cent, 2 percentage points down. As many as 38 per cent declined to express an opinion.

There was a marked increase in support in Germany, where 37 per cent expressed a positive view, up a full 8 percentage points on the year in the EU`s most populous and economically powerful member state. Some 21 per cent took a negative view, down 8 percentage points on the year.

The poll showed strong backing for a joint EU security and defence policy, with 75 per cent in favour across the bloc and as many as 85 per cent in Germany.