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Scottish village gets 384,000-pound gift from former German POW

Published: 04 December 2016 Sunday, 09:51  AM

Scottish village gets 384,000-pound gift from former German POW

Bonn, Dec 03 (deutschenews24.de/AFP) – A village in Scotland has received a gift of 384,000 pounds (489,000 dollars) from a German soldier who was held there as a prisoner of war during World War II, according to media reports Saturday.

Heinrich Steinmeyer, a Waffen SS soldier, was captured in France when he was 19 and held in a POW camp at Cultybraggan near the village of Comrie, the Press Association reported.

While Steinmeyer died in 2013 at the age of 90, it took a few years for the legal hurdles to be cleared so the village could get the money he left in his will.

"Throughout his captivity, Heinrich Steinmeyer was very struck by the kindness shown to him by Scottish people, which he had not expected," the Courier newspaper cited Andrew Reid, of the Comrie trust that will disburse his legacy fund, as saying.

After the war, Steinmeyer visited Comrie often. "He vowed to leave everything he owned for the benefit of older people in the place he wanted to thank," Reid was quoted as saying.

The Courier quoted Steinmeyer`s will as saying: "I would like to express my gratitude to the people of Scotland for the kindness and generosity that I have experienced in Scotland during my imprisonment of war and hereafter."