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First tests show video evidence reduces refereeing errors

Published: 23 January 2017 Monday, 07:14  PM

First tests show video evidence reduces refereeing errors

Bonn, Jan 23 ( The first test phase for video evidence in the Bundesliga has been successful according to the German football association (DFB) and German football league (DFL) on Monday.

"There were 44 clearly wrong decisions before the winter break, from which the video referee could have clarified 33," Ronny Zimmerann, the DFB vice-president responsible for referees told a news conference in Frankfurt.

Referees have until now been receiving training in Cologne in the system with the live-test phase to start next season over all 306 Bundesliga matches. Major disputed decisions will be resolved during the game and errors corrected.

"The only thing which is currently outstanding is there is still no communication between the video assistants and the referee on the pitch," Zimmermann said. "The boss on the pitch remains the referee. We are talking of additional assistants."

It is intended that zones be set up in stadiums to allow the assistants to review incidents on television but they could also watch the feed remotely in Cologne if needed.

The rule-making International Football Association Board gave the go-ahead for video assistance to be tested last match and projects in various countries have been underway since.