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Merkel`s deputy seeks economic pivot to Asia with Trump in office

Published: 21 January 2017 Saturday, 02:08  PM

Merkel`s deputy seeks economic pivot to Asia with Trump in office

Bonn, Jan 21 (deutschenews24.de/dpa)- German Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel has called for a new economic policy towards Asia following the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president.

"We - Europe and Germany - need a new strategy vis-a-vis Asia and China. And we have new opportunities there," Gabriel, also the vice chancellor, said in an interview with German broadcaster ZDF on Friday.

The lesson Europe could take from Trump`s electoral victory was that it needs to stick together more, Gabriel added. "We must stop trying to show each other up."

"We need to stand together as Europeans," he added, noting that "we must also clearly define and pursue our own interests."

Gabriel warned against underestimating the new US president. "Those were highly nationalistic sentiments (at the inauguration) today. All that was missing was a reference to the parliament as a `talking shop`."

Such talk would be evocative of the conservative and reactionary political rhetoric of the 1920s, he added.

"He really is serious," Gabriel said of the protectionist overtones in Trump`s inaugural address. "I think we really have to watch out."