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Boateng refusing to pay in costly real estate dispute

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Published: 12 January 2017 Thursday, 04:29  AM

Boateng refusing to pay in costly real estate dispute

Image: AFP

German football star Jerome Boateng was unable to come to an agreement with his real estate agent on Wednesday in a dispute over outstanding broker fees of 250,000 euros (263,000 dollars).

In the civil court case, the agent claims that the sum was agreed to in writing.

But Boateng`s lawyer told the Munich court that the mediation of the house sale had been carried out as a favour.

The lawyer rejected an offer by the agent to reduce the fee to 220,000 euros. Both parties have been asked to continue the negotiation process in writing, with a proposed settlement of 185,000 euros now on the table.

The judge had requested the personal attendance of both parties at Wednesday`s hearing, but absent Boateng was represented by his lawyer, who said the footballer had "other appointments."