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One of the world`s biggest icebergs gets ready to break away

Published: 07 January 2017 Saturday, 02:58  PM

One of the world`s biggest icebergs gets ready to break away

Bonn, Jan 7 (deutschenews24.de/Euronews)-

Frexit fears

The UK’s exit from the EU – known in familiar terms as Brexit – is not the only significant global separation experts are preoccupied with.

A Frexit – or Frozen Exit – is threatening to change the face of Antarctica for ever.

The breakaway

Larsen C is the most northern major ice shelf in Antarctica.A long-running rift widened sharply in December.

Now, only a 20 kilometre-wide rift of ice is keeping a 5,000 sq km block from floating off (or “calving”, to give it the scientific term) into the South Atlantic. Researchers have been watching the growing gulf for many years.

The Larsen A ice shelf broke away in 1995.The Larsen B shelf collapsed in 2002.


In numbers: the Larsen C ice shelf

  • 350 metres thick
  • 5,000 sq km (surface area of breakaway piece)
  • 20 km (the width of the rift)


A post-Frexit world


Experts are not sure what will happen if the giant section of ice breaks away from the Larsen C shelf.

At an estimated 5,000 sq kilometres, the break-off will form one of the top-ten biggest icebergs ever recorded in the world.

It would be twice the size of Luxembourg (2,586 square kilometres). It is also estimated that if all the ice that the Larsen C shelf currently holds back were to enter the sea, global levels would rise by 10 cm.

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