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German researchers find that job insecurity causes health problem

Published: 23 November 2016 Wednesday, 08:10  AM

German researchers find that job insecurity causes health problem

Bonn, Nov 22 ( -- People who feel insecure about their jobs often face health issues decades down the road, even when they have retired and don`t need to work any more, according to a new study.

Researchers questioned over 1,800 workers, all of whom were initially employed. Nearly 40 per cent of respondents said they had concerns or worries they could lose their job. 

The researchers then followed up 20 years later with the respondents, all of whom were by now retired.

The respondents who had worried about their jobs had a significantly higher risk of reduced well-being, according to the study by the University of Ulm in Germany.

The connection held true even after other factors, such as relationships with colleagues and supervisors, were taken into account. 

The researchers believe an immediate supervisor plays an essential role in averting the health problems associated with feelings of job insecurity. 

Supervisors who communicate directly with their employees during periods of restructuring help reduce the widespread feelings of uncertainty and stress that gnaw at health.