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Tausende in Aleppo warten auf Fortsetzung der Evakuierung

Von Karam al-Masri/AFP
Veröffentlicht: 17 December 2016 Saturday, 09:20  PM

Tausende in Aleppo warten auf Fortsetzung der Evakuierung

Thousands of people have been waiting for a continuation of the evacuation on Saturday in the eastern part of Aleppo in icy cold and without food. A rebel figure told the news agency AFP that there was an agreement on a resumption of the evacuation action. US President Barack Obama blamed the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and his allies Russia and Iran with drastic words responsible for the atrocities in Aleppo.

According to a journalist from the AFP news agency, civilians and militants were still on the road or in the ruins of the bombed-out houses at minus-degrees in the Al-Amirijah, which was still held partly by rebels. The civilians included in the east of Aleppo have neither food nor drinking water. They feed on dates only.

In the assumption of an early departure, many inhabitants had burnt their possessions, so that they did not fall into the hands of the soldiers. The government did not initially confirm the statements of the rebel representative, according to which a continuation of the evacuations had been agreed.

The UN Special Representative, fStaffan de Mistura, had said that there were about 40,000 civilians and as many as 5,000 rebel combatants and their families in the Aleppo-conquered east of the Syrian army. However, according to the UN, these figures are not secured.

In view of the devastating humanitarian situation in East Aleppo, the evacuation of the destroyed city districts had begun on Thursday. Since then, about 8500 people have been taken to West Aleppo, including 3000 fighters. On Friday, however, the Syrian army had suspended the evacuations. It accused the rebels that they had not adhered to the "terms of the agreement". From military circles it was said, rebels had opened the fire and tried to take hostages.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the expulsion of the evacuations in Aleppo also depends on the fact that the rebels who lodge Fua and Kafraja in the north-western province of Idlib are against the injuries brought out of the two localities.

The evacuations in Aleppo were to be resumed on Saturday with the departure of the injured and their families, children and other civilians - altogether around 4,000 people, explained the head of the observation station, Rami Abdel Rahman. His organization is based on an informal network in Syria, the data are not to be reviewed independently.

Rahman stated that the rebels had always linked the fate of Fua and Kafraja with that of Sabadani and Madaja, two cities in the province of Damascus, besieged by government-ridden units. Evacuations should also take place there. A negotiating leader of the Islamic rebel group Ahrar al-Sham confirmed a corresponding agreement of the conflict parties.

Ban Ki Moon, the outgoing UN Secretary General, demanded an immediate resumption of the evacuation campaigns on Friday. "Aleppo is now a synonym for hell," said Ban at his last press conference in New York.

US President Barack Obama said at his annual press conference in Washington that the world was "united in the horror of the cruel attack of the Syrian regime" and its Russian and Iranian allies in Aleppo. "This blood and these atrocities stick to their hands." Obama called for independent observers to be sent to monitor the evacuation of East Aleppo. The UN Security Council dealt on Friday with a corresponding proposal from France.

The US ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said after the Security Council meeting that the panel might vote on the weekend. Already deployed in Syria as an observer. Russia`s UN ambassador, Vitali Churkin, on the other hand, said that sending observers would take weeks.