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Schäuble stellt Steuersenkung von 15 Milliarden Euro nach derWahl

Veröffentlicht: 04 December 2016 Sunday, 07:59  AM

Schäuble stellt Steuersenkung von 15 Milliarden Euro nach derWahl

Bonn, Dec 02 ( - Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) has proposed a tax reduction of 15 billion euros for the time after the Bundestag election. Although no taxes had been increased since the previous election, the share of taxes on economic output rose thanks to the good economic situation, said Schäuble of Bild am Sonntag. "That`s why we can cut taxes by 15 billion euros." Above all, this is "to relieve the low and middle income of wage and income tax".

In addition, Schäuble - if the Union should remain in the government - should abolish the solidarity surcharge by 2030: "My proposal is: We will reduce the soli of 5.5 per cent on income and corporation tax by 0.5 percentage points each year He is gone in 2030. This is painful for the federal finances, which is almost two billion euros less every year. "

However, according to Schäuble, there is no new debt. "No new debts have proved to be right, which will keep us in the future."

Schäuble also criticized the pension concept of Minister of Labor Andrea Nahles (SPD). A fixation of the pension level to 46 per cent is not realistic. "The concept of the Minister of Labor is unclear." With life expectancy, the retirement age must also rise.

"Up to 2030 the retirement age increases by one to two months each year up to 67," Schäuble explained. "But that is not enough, and we will have to continue this increase after 2030. Everything else can not be expected of the younger generation."

In order to finance the adjustment of pensions in East and West Germany, Schäuble said: "Surely this is not simply settled by means of tax deductions Pension. "

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