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Tausende belagern Rammstein-Sänger in Moskau

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Veröffentlicht: 20 November 2016 Sunday, 07:29  AM

Tausende belagern Rammstein-Sänger in Moskau

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Bonn, Non 19 ( - Fire and flame for their idol: Thousands of fans of the German rock group Rammstein have been sitting in Moscow for hours to sign a new poem by singer Till Lindemann (53). The work "On Silent Night" was published in German and Russian in a first edition of 10,000 copies, which according to the Moscow publisher Eksmo was immediately out of print. Already on Friday afternoon, around 4000 fans crowded in front of a bookstore in a large shopping center. Until the evening the snake was not shorter.

With tears in his eyes, the coveted book in his hand, Alina Salimova (20) came out of the shop. "I am studying German because of Rammstein," the student said, who had traveled 1,200 kilometers from Ufa in the Urals. For six years she was a fan of the rock group. "The lyrics are very strong," she said, and Till was "the best man ever."

Rammstein ( "mother") is extremely popular in Russia. At concerts, thousands of Russians are singing the German-language songs textsicher - similar to the pop group Tokio Hotel. Especially the gloomy at Rammstein attracted young Russians, analyzed the machine builder Boris Krestinin from Moscow. "I`m close to Till`s look at life. For people in Russia, Rammstein means a valve for negative energy, which can not be got rid of otherwise. "For the book of his idol Krestinin had stood for seven hours.

"The first were there before the opening of the shop, around half past nine," said a publisher. It was not until the afternoon that the signing session began, during which Lindemann had to do hard work. "Till promised everyone would get an autograph." The evening before, the Rammstein frontman had read from the book in the Moscow Gogol Theater.

"I saw him for the first time," Inna Mikaznikov (21) from the Rostov-on-Don town of Rostov. Her Lindemann had been quiet, pleasant, reserved, and not exactly the picture the singer gave on stage. But the darkness of the world at Rammstein does not disturb the psychologist: "From the darkness one can see the light better," she said.

The volume "In still Nights" contains texts and drawings. Since in the poems also swear words occur, the book is released after Russian law only from 18 years. In 2002 Lindemann`s first poem «Messer» was published. This volume has not yet been translated into Russian.


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