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Kauder zeigt angesichts des Umfragehochs der SPD demonstrativ--

Veröffentlicht: 08 February 2017 Wednesday, 12:48  AM

Kauder zeigt angesichts des Umfragehochs der SPD demonstrativ--

Kanzlerin Merkel und CSU-Chef Seehofer/dpa/AFP / Sven Hoppe

Berlin, Feb 07 ( - In view of the unexpectedly strong ratings of the SPD after nominating its chancellor candidate, Martin Schulz, the Union is striving for demonstrative serenity. "The new one has its charm," said Unions Fraktionschef Volker Kauder (CDU) on Tuesday in the ARD "Morgenmagazin". SPD Deputy Ralf Stegner is in his own words not worried that his party could crash in the polls again.

A survey of the Insa Institute, published on Monday by the Bild newspaper, saw the SPD in front of the Union. According to this, the SPD, with its new chancellor candidate Schulz, reached 31 percent, leaving behind the CDU / CSU, which would be decided by 30 percent. The SPD would gain four points, the Union losing three points.

It was still eight months until the Bundestag election, said Kauder. In the case of a marathon some of them had already fallen behind after half. On the other hand, SPD Vice Stegner told the radio that he was "not at all worried" that the SPD`s high-flying flight could come to an end. "We`ve been underestimated for so long that the good mood fits into what is objectively justified."

In any case, the ratings strengthened the self-confidence of his SPD, he added. "And you can also see the reactions of the Union trying to talk down and now a little unsuccessful attack that they had already established themselves, which won the Bundestagswahl in the Schongang."

The managing director of the opinion research institute Mentefactum, Klaus-Peter Schöppner, however, put the significance of the current survey for the SPD into perspective. "The fact that the SPD is stronger than the Union, I do not believe, and I think this is not possible at the Bundestag elections," said Schöppner of the "Berliner Zeitung" from Tuesday. The SPD`s expertise values, as well as the notorious weakness in the South as well as in the east of the country,

According to Schöppner, who had previously been at the head of Emnid`s opinion research institute, the Social Democrats could reach 26 or 27 percent in the election. "I can not imagine anything more."

After the CDU and CSU leadership, Kauder reckons on Angela Merkel (CDU) as joint chancellor candidates with a closed appearance of the two sister parties in the election campaign. It was "completely clear" that the CSU to Merkel, said Kauder the ARD. There is also "great joy" at the CSU that the conflict has been overcome.

The leaders of the two unions parties had declared on Monday after a long hesitation on the CSU side Merkel to the joint chancellor candidate. The Chancellor`s policy of refugee policy had, in recent months, given rise to a bitter dispute between the CDU and the CSU. The dispute over the maximum limit of 200,000 refugees per year required by the CSU and rejected by the CDU remains unresolved.


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