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Paris, Madrid und Mexiko wollen sämtliche Diesel-Autos bis 2025

Veröffentlicht: 03 December 2016 Saturday, 10:42  AM

Paris, Madrid und Mexiko wollen sämtliche Diesel-Autos bis 2025

Bonn, Dec 02 ( - The metropolis of Paris, Madrid and Mexico City want to ban all diesel vehicles from their cities by 2025. The mayors of the three major cities on Thursday in Mexico City announced in a joint statement as their contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


In Mexico`s capital, mayors from major cities from all over the world gathered to discuss their contribution to climate protection. This involved concrete measures such as the increased use of bicycles or the use of renewable energies.


The cities were the "pioneers" in climate protection, but they had to act "quickly", urged the president of the city association C40, the Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo. The association now has around 90 cities, including New York, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, London and Hong Kong, which together account for 650 million people or 25 percent of the world`s gross domestic product.


According to a study by the mayors, one third of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by cities. In Mexico City, they now made recommendations on how to reduce these emissions by half. In order to meet this challenge, investments of 375 billion (353 billion euro) would be necessary in the next four years.


According to the Paris UN climate protection agreement, global warming should be limited to as much as 1.5 degrees, but at least less than two degrees. US President Donald Trump is skeptical about the agreement. It is unclear whether he could go so far as to abolish the historic agreement on the US side.


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