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Veröffentlichung von NSA-Unterlagen durch Wikileaks dürfte Justiz

Veröffentlicht: 03 December 2016 Saturday, 08:51  AM

Veröffentlichung von NSA-Unterlagen durch Wikileaks dürfte Justiz

Bonn, Dec 02 ( - The publication of documents by the NSA investigative committee by the unveiling platform Wikileaks will presumably lead to criminal investigations: Bundestag President Norbert Lammert (CDU) has given the authorization to carry out such investigations, as his spokesman Ernst Hebeker On Friday the news agency AFP said. The publication of the documents on the cooperation of German secret services with the US foreign secret service NSA came as a surprise in the Bundestag`s committees.

The transfer of the documents could constitute a violation of secrecy by officials in accordance with Article 353b of the Criminal Code. Because the investigations could also affect parliamentary deputies, the Bundestag president must give his consent. The newspapers of the "Funke Mediengruppe" reported on the authorization of Lammert.


The chairman of the committee, Patrick Sensburg (CDU), complained in the Funke-Zeitung that the Bundestag "did not initiate security measures immediately after the leaking of the leaks". He is also worried because "a foreign hacker attack can not be ruled out". He mentioned the Russian secret service in particular.


According to Wikileaks, the publications are 2420 documents with a volume of 90 gigabytes, which the NSA investigation committee of the Bundestag received in the framework of requests of the committee members to the services already last year. In addition to information, there are also written correspondence between the Federal Chancellery, the services and committee members, as well as background reporting from various media, which apparently had partly served as a push for further inquiries, explained Wikileaks.

The platform lists 125 documents from the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) as well as 33 documents from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) and 72 from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). On the basis of the now published documents, Wikileaks accused the German ministry of "passing on their own servants".


In the committee, the dispute about a possible cargo of the former intelligence officer Edward Snowden had continued. The representatives of the Union and the SPD lodged a complaint against the decision of the Federal Court of Justice that the committee was obliged to resolve the requests for administrative assistance requested by the opposition to the Federal Government, also against the will of the majority of the coalition in the body.


The request is intended to create the conditions for the interrogation of Snowden in Germany, for example by the promise that Snowden will not be surrendered to the USA as requested by the government in Washington.

If the Federal Court of Justice dismisses the complaint, according to information from the "Berliner Zeitung" from Friday the chairman of the committee Sensburg, before the Federal Constitutional Court to draw because it violates the right of freely elected MEP by the BGH decision.

With the NSA investigation committee set up in March 2014, the Bundestag had reacted to the revelations of the former intelligence officer to the massive screening programs of the NSA. It is to clarify to what extent citizens and politicians in Germany by the NSA and allied intelligence services were spied.

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