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Edeka und Rewe legen Gabriel Kaufvertrag zu Kaiser's Tengelmann

Veröffentlicht: 03 December 2016 Saturday, 08:44  AM

Edeka und Rewe legen Gabriel Kaufvertrag zu Kaiser's Tengelmann

Bonn, Dec 02 ( - The rescue of the emancipated supermarket chain Kaiser`s Tengelmann is about to happen. Edeka and Rewe agreed on a purchase agreement for the distribution of the Berlin emperor`s Tengelmann branches and submitted this according to own data on Friday for the examination with Federal Minister of Economy Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). This assumes that the dispute between the two companies will be finally settled next week.


The purchase agreement for the transfer of Kaiser`s Tengelmann stores in Berlin had been "finalized" in time, Edeka and Rewe announced on Friday. In addition, the necessary collective bargaining agreements with Verdi and the trade union food and drink inns (NGG) had been concluded. The Bundeskartellamt was also already switched on to dismantle the division of the Berlin Kaiser-Tengelmann branches between Edeka and Rewe.


Gabriel welcomed the conclusion of the negotiations. This was a "very good news" for the employees of Kaiser`s Tengelmann after a long uncertainty. The "final steps" to rescue the chain could now take place quickly. The minister said he was confident that his special permit for the takeover of Kaiser`s Tengelmann by Edeka could be executed next week.


In addition to the purchase contract, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor also has to examine the collective agreements of the two companies with Verdi and the NGG. If Gabriel gives the green light and has the Federal Cartel Office against the division in Berlin no objections, Rewe and Edeka can sign the purchase contract. Afterwards Rewe, Edeka and Tengelmann have to finalize the legal distortion - then Kaiser`s Tengelmann is saved.


The supermarket chain, with about 15,000 employees, has been writing losses for 17 years. The Tengelmann Group as the owner would therefore like to separate from the chain. The purchase agreement with Edeka has already been signed more than two years ago. With Rewe, however, the market leader delivered a tough takeover battle.


It was only in a conciliation procedure that both companies agreed that Edeka would be able to take over the chain if Rewe subsequently received Kaiser`s Tengelmann stores in Berlin. Edeka is to take over 61 Emperor`s Tengelmann stores in the capital and resell the other 60 as well as logistics and the regional administration to Rewe.


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