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Österreich schmiedet Allianz gegen deutsche Pkw-Maut

Veröffentlicht: 31 December 2016 Saturday, 10:05  PM

Österreich schmiedet Allianz gegen deutsche Pkw-Maut

Berlin, Dec 31 (deutschenews24.de/AFP) - Austria wants to ally itself in the fight against the planned passenger car toll in Germany with other neighboring countries. "At the beginning of the year, we will invite all neighboring countries to a co-ordination meeting in Brussels," said Austrian Transport Minister Jörg Leichtfried of Welt am Sonntag. "We have already spoken with the Netherlands and Belgium, and they are also criticizing the German toll." The Green politician Oliver Krischer now fears a "rachemaut" of the neighbors.

The "Welt am Sonntag" quotes from a letter from Leichtfried to EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc. According to this, the solution presented by Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) is "an unacceptable compromise from the Austrian perspective".

According to the report in the letter, German passenger car tolls are "continuing to be illegal in several aspects of the EU". It still meets only foreign car drivers, while the Germans would be relieved of a reduction in the car tax. In addition, only foreign drivers would be checked. Both aspects would "pose a risk of a massive disadvantage" for drivers from the EU`s foreign countries, the Austrian Minister of Transport complained.

EU Commissioner Bulc should therefore have the law reviewed again in detail. The government in Vienna considers it possible to go to the European Court of Justice on account of the German car toll.

The Federal Government and the European Commission had announced a compromise on passenger car tolls at the beginning of December after months of negotiations. In contrast to the originally planned, this looks more different short-term vignettes and cheaper prices for owners of environmentally-friendly vehicles. According to the plans, domestic car drivers are relieved of the car tax. According to Dobrindt, the toll will start after the Bundestag election.

Green Group voter Oliver Krischer warned that the alliance of the neighboring states would not be allowed to impose a toll on their revenge against Germany ". This "Rachemaut" will cost millions of German tourists expensive, he said ahead. In any case, the car toll is "a nonsense project", judged the Green politician. Dobrindt should instead tackle the "real traffic problems" such as unpainted trains, ailing bridges and excess pollutant emissions.


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