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Zahl der Beschwerden über Brief- und Paketzustellungen gestiegen

Veröffentlicht: 30 December 2016 Friday, 10:13  PM

Zahl der Beschwerden über Brief- und Paketzustellungen gestiegen

Bonn (deutschenews24.de/AFP) - More and more consumers are complaining about shortcomings in the delivery and delivery of letters and parcels. The Federal Network Agency reported 3858 complaints about postal services this year, 16% more than in the previous year, as the authorities reported on Thursday. The consumer service of the network agency "takes care of each individual case and urges companies to stop shortcomings," said public security officer Jochen Homann.

A large proportion of the complaints in 2016 concerned parcel services: nearly 2,500 recipients complained to the Federal Network Agency - about because the parcel was damaged during delivery. For the first time, 2016 saw more complaints in the package as in the letter area, as the network agency communicated.

The Authority is responsible for ensuring the basic supply of postal services. For this, she evaluates the complaints. "In 2016 numerous cases were clarified and the quality of postal services in the interest of consumers improved," explained Homann. At the conciliation office of the network agency, some 220 applications were received - even an increase compared to the previous year, when only 66 applications were received.


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