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Pilotenstreik geht weiter - Wieder 100 000 Passagiere betroffen

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Veröffentlicht: 25 November 2016 Friday, 01:28  AM

Pilotenstreik geht weiter - Wieder 100 000 Passagiere betroffen

Bonn, Nov 24 (German-English) 

Because of the once again extended pilot strike, Lufthansa will again face 830 flights this Friday. On the third day of strike, this time almost exclusively short and medium-haul routes were affected, with a total of about 100,000 passengers, as the company announced on Thursday in Frankfurt. In contrast to the previous days, the long-distance route is "almost planned". "On the three strike days, more than 315,000 passengers were affected by 2618 flight cancellations," the airline summed up. Only a few passengers left the train.

The Dax Group urged the Pilotengewerkschaft Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) to agree to a conciliation after the 14th strike. "As a member of the Management Board, we are responsible for more than 120,000 employees and want to position Lufthansa in the future. This will not be possible with a 20 percent increase in wages, "said Lufthansa CEO Harry Hohmeister.

In the tariff conflict reaching the beginning of 2014, Lufthansa had recently offered the pilots a wage plus of 2.5 percent by the end of 2018. The association Cockpit rejects this. For the around 5400 pilots of the companies Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Germanwings, it requires tariff increases of a total of 22 percent for the period up to and including April 2017.

Hohmeister called the "abstrus" and "completely unacceptable". Lufthansa costs around 10 million euros every day. There was also an imagery that could not be quantified. "We can see this in our medium-term bookings."

The VC defended its approach by the fact that the Lufthansa management still showed no movement and did not submit a negotiable offer. Speaker Jörg Handwerk presented an "uncompromising company policy" to the executive committee. The pilots reject a conciliation so far and criticize Lufthansa`s too low offer.

On Thursday 912 connections were canceled because of the strike, on Wednesday 876 - about half of the program of the core brand Lufthansa. The flights of Eurowings as well as the Group companies AUA, Swiss, Brussels and Air Dolomiti were not affected, many guests were transferred to it.

Also on Friday should be in the Lufthansa Group 2170 of 3000 flights. This includes the first direct flight from San Francisco to Berlin. On board the special LH 343 flight with a Lufthansa jumbo, the Berlin Philharmonic on their return journey from a North American tour.

"The situation in the terminals is quiet," Lufthansa said. The strike plan was flown as planned. Many passengers had been informed in advance or had made themselves smart. The company stated that more than 150,000 mails or SMS had been sent with flight information. To the few stranded passengers were distributed snacks, water and juice. As a precaution, Lufthansa has reserved thousands of hotel beds in Munich and Frankfurt. In the Frankfurt terminal, there were again field beds for transit passengers who are not allowed to enter the Schengen area without a visa.

Deutsche Bahn does not want to use special trains despite the Lufthansa strike. "This is not planned," said a railway speaker. The additional Lufthansa passengers could be transported with regular trains. At several points of the node, as always, spare parts are available, which could be used if necessary. According to Lufthansa, around 2200 flight tickets had been converted into railroad cars on Wednesday.


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