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Lufthansa will Pilotenstreik gerichtlich stoppen lassen

Veröffentlicht: 23 November 2016 Wednesday, 06:37  AM

Lufthansa will Pilotenstreik gerichtlich stoppen lassen

Bonn, Nov 22 ( - The Lufthansa wants to stop the pilot strike which has been set for Wednesday with an interim injunction. The Arbeitsgericht Frankfurt should discuss this in the afternoon, said a company spokesman. One considers that individual elements of the claim are unlawful.

Whether Lufthansa would go to the second instance in the event of a refusal, he left open. The Landesarbeitsgericht (Hessian Court of Appeals, Hesse) declared the last pilot strike by the Cockpit association in September 2015 to be unlawful because tariffredeing claims had been raised there. The VC had then stopped the strike No. 13 and in the aftermath avoided talking about other topics publicly. The current strike relates solely to wage claims.

According to Lufthansa, the then 14th pilots strike on Wednesday almost every second flight the Lufthansa brand fall victim. Of the 876 strike-canceled flights, 51 are intercontinental flights. Overall, some 100,000 passengers were affected, the airline announced on Tuesday. Overall, the Lufthansa brand comes to around 1800 flights a day. "2124 of approximately 3,000 planned Lufthansa Group flights are taking place," the announcement said. However, this also includes flights from Group companies that are not subject to strike, such as Brussels, Swiss or AUA.

The airline`s pilots had announced the strike on Monday. For the first time in the ongoing tariff dispute in April 2014 had been struck. This time it is all about the tariff salaries of around 5400 pilots of Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and the subsidiary Germanwings. 

The pilots demand tariff increases of 22 percent over a period of five years until April 2017. The pilot union federation Cockpit had once again rejected the company`s proposal to enter into an arbitration on the open salary negotiations. Other tariff themes, such as the transitional pensions, remain unresolved. The previous collective bargaining agreement expired at the end of April 2012 but continues with unchanged tariff salaries.

"Lufthansa apologizes to all its customers who are affected by this strike," the communication says. A special flight plan for the strike period was activated at noon on the website "Lufthansa is fully committed to informing its customers as much as possible and, if possible, to transfer them to other airlines or means of transport."

The VC quantified the annual tariff increase demanded by it to 3.66 percent. This requirement was among the most wage demands of other trade unions in the comparable period. "Lufthansa has shown very good figures for years. In 2016, the Group is once again aiming to achieve an excellent result following the record result in the past financial year. The fact that the Group Management Board and the Supervisory Board see this in the same way can be seen in the increase in the basic salary of the Executive Board of up to 30 percent and the even greater increase in Supervisory Board remuneration in recent years, "explained VC Board Member Jörg Handwerg.

Lufthansa has, according to its own data, offered a wage plus of 2.5 percent for the 20 months longer period until the end of 2018. The company had tried last week to avert the looming pilot strike with a mediation at the last minute. In addition to the salary question, other tariff issues such as occupational pensions and transitional care are still unresolved.



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