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Nächster Klimagipfel in Deutschland - Präsidentschaft an Fidschi

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Veröffentlicht: 16 November 2016 Wednesday, 10:06  PM

Nächster Klimagipfel in Deutschland - Präsidentschaft an Fidschi

Bonn, Nov 16 (deutschenews / dpa) - The next World Climate Conference will take place in Germany. Diplomats and politicians from all over the world will meet in the coming year from 6 to 17 November in Westdeutschen Bonn. This was announced during the UN Climate Conference in Marrakech, Morocco. The Federal Ministry for the Environment confirmed the information.

But the presidency does not go to Germany, but to Fiji in the South Pacific. US Secretary of State John Kerry wants to preach in Bonn: He hopes to be a "citizen of Kerry", he said on Wednesday in Marrakech. The current US government is due to expire in January.

In Marrakech, German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks pointed out the difficulties in climate policy, even after the Paris agreement. The implementation of the common goals is at least as ambitious as the agreement itself, the Social Democrat said. She quoted the sociologist Max Weber, who had described politics as "drilling hard boards." Climate protection ministers need passion and sense of proportion.

At the same time, Germany continued to slump in climate protection compared to other countries. Environmental organizations see the Federal Republic only in 29th place and thus behind countries like India, Indonesia or Egypt. The best ratings are given in this year`s climate protection index France, Sweden and Great Britain.

However, the top three places remain empty in the ranking list presented by Germanwatch and CAN Europa in Marrakesh. As in the last two years, according to climate protection, no country was exemplary enough to earn a place on the podium.

In the past two years, Germany still ranked 22nd. In this year`s Climate Protection Index, the Federal Republic is likely to have a negative impact on its climate for 2020 and still has no plans for an exit from the brown coal mine. The climate protection plan 2050, which was adopted by the federal government on Monday, has not yet been included in the ranking list.

For more than a decade, the Climate Protection Index compares the 58 countries with the largest greenhouse gas emissions in the area of ​​climate protection.


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